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Woodhouse International is the only stockist of new drill pipe in the Middle East & one of the largest in the world. We are also the exclusive agents for GRANT PRIDECO.  We keep a large inventory of standard sized drill pipe in stock in 3 ?"4" 5"& 5 ?" both in Grades G-105- TSS105* & S-135, with standard and High Torque connections. All our drill pipes stock is including:

  • Make&Break
  • 95% wall Thickness: API guarantees 87.5% of the remaining wall tolerance e.g. for example if the wall was 1" thick then API would only Gtee minimum 0.875". Our spec is 95% wall thus ours would be .95"minimum remaining wall tolerance. This means tighter tolerance is observed in our spec & guaranteed better life ultimately.
  • Weldneck/Upset Design Min of over 4".
  • Hardbanding
  • Internal Plastic coating Tuboscope TK34, or TK34P, or equivalent.

In addition, we also stock Heavyweight drillpipes, Drill collars, Hexagonal Kellys, Pup Joints.  Normally we have  51/2" 5", 4" and 3 ?" heavyweight in stock,  drill collars in sizes 9 1/2", 8", 8 ?", 6 1/2" and 4 3/4., Kelly Hex 5 ? x 40 Ft and Pup Joints 5ft, 10 ft and 15 Ft.

As the local office, stockist & distributor for DAVIS LYNCH in the Middle East, we hold an extensive inventory of cementing & float equipment. Float shoes, collars & centralizers are held in common sizes such as 20", 13 3/8", 9 5/8", & 7" together with specialized tools such as DV’s, Packers & combination packer stage collars. To complement this we have three permanent DAVIS LYNCH engineers on hand to assist with any technical information that may be required.

CAD Control Systems is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of:

  • BOP Control Systems
  • Electric High Pressure Test Systems
  • Pneumatic High Pressure Test Systems
  • Diesel High Pressure Test Systems
  • Diverter Control Packages
  • Remote Operations Packages
  • Custom Remote Operated High Pressure Testing Systems

As well as; custom manufactured equipment built to customer’s specifications or designed and engineered by CAD Control Systems engineers. CAD Control Systems global presence is extensive. With units currently in operation in 32 countries; CAD Control Systems has gained a reputation for providing customers with the highest quality equipment, utilizing the very latest in technology, with an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction. All of this is backed by a highly trained service department capable of being globally dispatched and 24 hour technical support. CAD has become a known and trusted supplier to rigs, manufacturing companies, and test facilities in the Middle East and around the world. CAD has the distinction of supplying more units to contractors in Saudi Arabia than any other control system manufacturer.  Customers are always assured that CAD equipment meets the most rigid industry standards including the American Petroleum Institute's (API) Specification 16D, as well as strict commitment to quality by maintaining dual certification to API Specification Q1 and ISO 9001:2008.

Headquartered in Broussard, Louisiana CAD Control Systems has three locations in the United States, a facility in Singapore, and service representation in Dubai to provide 24 hour service and support anywhere in the world and Woodhouse International is maintaining stock of BOP CONTROL UNIT SPARES in Dubai such as BOP TEST PUMP, RELIEF VALVES, 4-WAY VALVES, CHART RECORDERS, ELECTRICAL PRESSURE SWITCHS, NIBCO BALLS VAVLES, REGULATORS, BOTTLES & RACKS, TRIPLEX PUMPS, and BLADDERS.

Annual BOP, Kelly Gaurds and Pulsation Dampeners
As the sole stockist for HYDRIL in the Middle East, Woodhouse International keep an extensive list of original spare parts. The rubber goods are stored in Woodhouse’s own “HYDRIL recommended" air conditioned cold room facilities. and are sold based on ‘first in-first out’ principle.These include:

  • Hydril packing elements both natural & synthetic rubber
  • Seal kits for 13 5/8" GK 5000; 13 5/8" GK 10,000; 13 5/8" GL 5,000; 21 1/4" MSP; 29-1/2" MSP 500; 30" MSP 500
  • Kellyguard 4-1/4" 10,000 and repair kit, standard and NACE trim
  • Kellyguard 5-1/4" 10,000 and repair kit, standard and NACE trim
  • Hydril K20 pulsation dampener diaphragms/bladders, repair kits & parts.
  • Pipe Wipers for 3 ?" and 5" drill-pipe

Woodhouse International is a leading supplier of high quality pipe handling equipment manufactured by Varco. A significant inventory of standard sizes of Elevators (Drillpipe, Casing, and Tubing) slips (Rotary & Drill Collar), Manual Tongs; Floorhand (Iron Roughneck), Drillpipe Spinners, Spider/Elevator, Power Slip and associated spare parts is available in Dubai to service the Middle East market.


  • Hydraulic Elevators
  • Pneumatic Elevators
  • Manual Elevators
  •  Single Joint Elevators- SJL, SJS, SJD & SJ
  • Center Latch Elevators- CL 18 degree
  • Collar Type Center Latch Elevators- CLS
  • Center Latch Elevators- VES-CL
  • Slip Type Elevators
  •  Elevator/Spiders
  • Slip Lifter
  •  Floorhand
  •  Pipe Spinner
  •  Power Slips
  •  Manual Tongs
  •  Bushings
  •  Manual Slips
  •  Safety Clamps
  •  Dual Elevator System

MUD PUMP PARTS Fluid End Expendables
Woodhouse inventory includes Mission fluid end expendables, i.e. liners, pistons, valves, seats, piston rods, clamps, gaskets, etc. for just about every major mud pump there is, we do carry covers the vast majority of pumps/expendables in our areas:

  • National 12P160, 10P130, 9P100 & 8P80
  • Oilwell 850PT, A1100PT, A1400PT, A1700PT & HD1700PT
  • Continental Emsco F1000, FA & FB 1300 & 1600
  • Ideco T1000 & T1300/T1600
  • Gardner Denver PZ 7, 8, 9, 10 &11
  • Wirth 1600/2000 and the 2200

For example why can we not look at a consignment proposal for your fluid end expendables? This is something we started in the UAE twenty years ago when we were looking after Harrisburg. We work with Mission & can assist you at whatever level you want; be it HTHP bonded pistons, Zirconia / Ceramic liners, full open or X brace valves & seats, you name it we handle it & better than any one else in the Middle East (I am pretty certain about that). That is why we already have a number of consignment inventories running all over the area, Kuwait, Saudi, Oman, and UAE as examples. Basically we consign agreed qty of parts, end of each month rig advises they have used X, Y & Z & we invoice at that point net 30 days & issue replenishment. In other words instead of buying 6 months forward stock in Houston, you pay for parts after they have been thrown away at the local rig site, and we manage it for you…. Yes not a bad deal, especially when we have a track history that demonstrates that it works! This essentially covers; A full technical & commercial proposal, Inventory management & support, and deferred payment terms of material held in stock. It is the combination of these factors that should make the proposal attractive, which you can decide for yourselves. Please let us know if you want Woodhouse to get this prepared, unless you have any reservations?

The support & quality we offer measures up to even the toughest parameters.  As an example , On a recent extreme conditions trial  with low aniline diesel OBM @+200deg C. 4,500Psi, our FEP came out ahead of all the other brands. We supply regular Mission type valves, seats (X-brace), or full open Roughneck type, two piece (Supreme) as well as bonded pistons, high temperature pistons & Zirconia ceramic liners as well as the rods, gaskets etc.   To be honest, the best performance measured so far in the area is using HTHP bonded pistons along with a Zirconia ceramic liner. Of course they are much more expensive than regular Mission Supreme products, but the results speak for themselves. In addition our pricing for these top end products is extremely competitive with the likes of any alternatives.

As you are all aware, Mud pump liners are generally available in chrome, alumina ceramic and zirconia ceramic. While alumina ceramic liners are less expensive to purchase, their cost of ownership far exceeds the cost of zirconia liners.  For one, zirconia exhibits better impact strength for example an alumina ceramic breaks about as easily as a coffee mug, but zirconia will withstand a heavy hammer blow.  While the improved impact strength cuts down on the significant costs of replacing broken liners in the field. In ASTM lab tests, zirconia wears anywhere from two to four times longer than alumina ceramic. Plus, zirconia can be honed to finer surface finishes than alumina ceramic with a finish to 4 RMS, the zirconia liners provide a surface finish that’s three to four times finer than alumina ceramic. These last two advantages are even more pronounced when zirconia is stack up against chrome iron.  The surface finish improvements, meanwhile, have an indirect effect.  The finer surface finish means less friction with the elastomer-and-metal pump pistons, which in turn extends piston life and reduces pump-cooling requirements.

The best performance measured so far in the area is using urethane bonded pistons along with a Zirconia liner. Of course they are much more expensive than regular Mission Supreme products, but the results speak for themselves. In addition our pricing for these top end products is extremely competitive with the likes of alternatives from Mission or Southwest.  However, the conditions that the pump is operating under (alignment & cooling) must be monitored very closely.
For example, failure to ensure a minimum of 15gpm of clean water per cylinder will cause the piston to overheat, come apart, & take the liner with it. With the Zirconia liners at US$2,200 a piece, it’s a matter to be taken seriously.

Following is a Cost of Ownership Analysis which shows a reasonable cost comparison for a rig in continuous service for three years. Numbers shown are cost per cylinder. Multiply the savings by the number of pump cylinders on your rig(s) to realize the cost savings available to you by using zirconia.


Change Frequency

US $ Cost/Change

No.Changes 36 Mos

Extended $ Cost






Mud Pump Liners







$500 approx


US$ 18,000

Alumina Ceramic


$1,750 approx


US$ 5,250





US$ 2,200

*** Breakage for Alumina Ceramic is not considered in this data


Pistons (based on type of liner)    


2X Per Month

US$ 200 approx


US$ 11,880

Alumina Ceramic

1X Per Month

US$ 200 approx


US$ 5,940


4X Per Year

US$ 200 approx


US$ 1,980


We have a number of these Zirconia liners operating in the Middle East

On this basis we would like to request that Woodhouse/ Mission are considered for whatever Fluid End Part requirement you have. We stand behind the products 100%, & will address any issues there may be with the full support of the Mission technical team in Houston, Texas.

A centrifugal pump is one of the simplest pieces of equipment.  Its purpose is to convert energy of an electric motor or engine into velocity or kinetic energy and then into pressure of a fluid that is being pumped.  The energy usage in a pumping installation depends on the flow required, the height lifted and the length of pipeline. It can be readily calculated.

Please note that the Mission 1 7/8"shaft size Type W pumps were designed in the 1950’s for low HP motors & mud weights.  As drilling conditions became more demanding the design for a better pump became apparent & that is why in the late seventies the Magnum sized 2 ?" shaft sized pump was introduced capable of much heavier loads & more demanding operations. It was designed to replace the older deigned 1 7/8" pedestal pumps. The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump is identical to the Halco Pump except that Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump have made various improvements to the design that can be seen separately.

The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump was designed to fit into exactly the same footprint as the same sized 1 7/8" in other words a Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump 6X8X14 pump will fit EXACTLY in place of a 1 7/8" pump 6X8X14 with no modification required. The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump handle mechanical seals in lieu of packing, which is infinitely superior. Just the annual cost in packing replacement will be above the difference between the costs of upgrading the pumps from 1 7/8" pedestal to the Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump. (It is not possible to put mechanical seals in the 1 7/8" shaft due to the shaft deflection).

Most International drilling contractors have made obsolete all their 1 7/8" shaft size pumps have & replaced them with Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump. It is now rare that you find contractors installing 1 7/8" pumps on any new or upgrade projects.  The maintenance on the Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump is significantly reduced & subsequently the cost of spare parts & replacement goes down as well.

The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump has many features you will not find on other pumps such as:

The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump housing has a replaceable wear pad in front of the impeller. Since this area wears 4x faster than the rest of the housing & the housing represents half of the value of the pump, you can see why it is an advantage to be able to replace the wear pads in lieu of the complete housing.

The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump housings utilize stainless steel jacking bolts to facilitate removal of the housing as well as stainless steel retaining bolts, since often the standard carbon steel bolts tend to shear off.

The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump impeller is semi-open to prevent migration of mud into the seal area. Standard impellers are open style & this can lead to premature seal failure.

The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump bearing seals, (front & back) have been replaced with labyrinth seals to prevent fluids, (water, dirt, mud) getting to the bearings & causing premature failure. In addition since you have both stator & rotor, there is no wear in the shaft as occurs with standard lip type seals.

The Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump bearings themselves are USA made SKF bearings & not cheaper Chinese bearings found in other brands
These are just some of the reasons why it is important to use Mission Supreme 2500 series Centrifugal pump rather than older 1 7/8" technology or other brands. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Woodhouse International is also able to offer a range of low pressure mud hoppers, mud guns and spare parts. Low pressure hoppers are available in 4" and 6" sizes for adding solids, the 3" low pressure bottom mud gun is available for submerged service, complete with a swivel joint for 360 degree rotation.

Woodhouse International take pleasure in offering the full range of products  of drilling equipment spare parts. We can offer spares for mud pumps, drawworks, and swivels, which are directly interchangeable and equivalent to those of original manufacturers such as National, Oilwell, Ideco, Gardner Denver, and Continental-Emsco. Significant inventory is held by us in Dubai

Woodhouse International is also the Middle East stockist for MATTCO Fluid ends. Complete mud pump fluid end modules are available for nearly every model of mud pump in operation in the Middle East area (similar to the range we keep of mud pump parts noted above). Modules are 100% interchangeable and equal to the original manufacturer style, and come complete with full material traceability and a warranty that meets or exceeds that of the OEM. Inventory is kept in Woodhouse International Dubai warehouse of more common styles, these normally include;

  • Suction & discharge module Oilwell A1400&1700PT
  • Suction & discharge modules National 12P160 – Original and both old and new “Southwest" styles
  • Gardner Denver PZ8, 9, 10 &11
  • Emsco FB1300 & 1600
  • Ideco T1600

As a distributor for LOGAN OIL TOOLS who are based in Houston Texas, Woodhouse International can offer a range of fishing tools to suit most requirements. LOGAN’S products are completely interchangeable with those of “Bowen", and their range currently includes overshots, spears, taper taps, die collars, junk baskets, junk subs, fishing magnets, ditch magnets, safety joints, hydraulic and mechanical external and internal cutters, casing rollers, casing scrapers, and a full line of casing patches.

Series 10 & 20 Overshots: The Logan Series 10 Sucker Rod Overshot is a small, effective tool designed for engaging and retrieving sucker rods, couplings, and other items from inside tubing strings. Logan Series 20 Short Catch Sucker Rod Overshots are designed for conditions when sucker rods, couplings, and other portions of a fish are too short for retrieval with a standard overshot.

Hydraulic Release Overshots: The Logan Hydraulic Release Overshot is designed to be used in horizontal drilling application where drill string rotation to release an overshot is impossible.   

Series 70 & 150 Overshots: The Logan Series 70 Short Catch Overshot is designed for conditions when the fish is too short to be engaged with a standard overshot. The Logan Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot is the most versatile and commonly used fishing tool in the industry. It is designed to externally engage, pack-off, retrieve, and release various types of fish, including tubing, casing, drill pipe, drill collars, couplings, and tool joints that have been lost or twisted off. It is engineered to withstand heavy pulling, torsional and jarring strains without damaging or distorting the tool or the fish. Its rugged construction, simplicity, and strength make the Logan Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot the standard choice among all external catch fishing tools.

Full Circle Releasing Spears: Logan Full Circle Releasing Spears are used to internally engage and retrieve all sizes of tubing, drill pipe, and casing. They are designed to evenly distribute expansion strain over a long vertical section of a fish and ensure positive internal engagement.

Standard Releasing Spears: Logan Standard Releasing Spears provide a positive means to internally engage and retrieve a fish from the well. The design of this rugged, dependable, and inexpensive internal catch fishing tool ensures positive engagement, easy release, and reengagement.

Fishing Magnets: The Logan Fishing Magnet is designed to retrieve small metal, oddly-shaped objects such as milling shavings, bit cones, cutters, bearings, slips, tong pins, and hand tools from the bottom of the well bore. Typically, these objects are the result of bit failures, an accumulation of mill cuttings, or simply accidental droppings of objects that cannot be milled. In almost all of these cases, the fish can not be engaged in the normal manner. Fishing magnets successfully remove these objects from the hole.

Superior Hydraulic Fishing Jars: The Logan Superior Hydraulic Fishing Jar is a straight pull, up only, jarring tool that utilizes a special valve section to meter oil from one side of the piston to the other side. This allows for controlled jarring action during a stuck fish recovery.

Superior Energizers: The Logan Superior Energizer is essentially a fluid spring that stores energy when a strain is pulled on the fishing string. Its function is to increase the impact energy delivered to the stuck fish by the Logan Superior Hydraulic Fishing Jar and the collars used to supply the impact energy.

Z Type Hydraulic Fishing Jars: The Logan Z Type Hydraulic Fishing Jar is used for light drilling, fishing, coring, reaming, testing, side tracking, and washover operations. This straight-pull jar combines proven principles of mechanics and hydraulics in a simple to assemble, easy to operate design.

Z Type Energizers: The Logan Z Type Energizer is run in conjunction with a Logan Z Type Hydraulic Fishing Jar of the same size. Each size of Logan Z Type Energizer is designed to match a corresponding size of Logan Z Type Hydraulic Fishing Jar. deviated or directional holes, friction between the running string and the wall of the hole will often diminish accelerated movement and much of the energy will be lost. The mandrel body insert closes the upper end of the middle body (the washpipe body closes the lower end) to form the oil chamber for the lubricating oil for the working parts of the tool.

Two Lubricated Bumper Subs: The primary purpose of the Lubricated Bumper Sub is to enable the operator to release the fishing tool in the event it becomes impossible to pull the fish. It can provide the necessary vertical impact in either direction — upward or downward — and deliver the required torque to release the tool from the fish whether it is rotating or not.

Surface Bumper Jars: The Logan Surface Bumper Jar is installed in the drill string at the surface and is used whenever the downhole drilling, fishing, or washover running string becomes stuck and requires a heavy downward force to release it. It is often used to free key seated drill pipe and drill collars, and initiate sharp jarring blows down the string to actuate drilling bumper subs, bumper safety joints, and other similar downhole bumping tools. It is also useful for transmitting heavy downward impact to release imbedded grappling tools. Bumper Jar has been successfully utilized when all previous methods have failed.

Fishing Bumper Subs: The.Logan Fishing Bumper Sub is a relatively inexpensive, dependable mechanical accessory tool that is suitable for all fishing operations — especially harsh, downhole applications and deep workover operations. It can also meet the demands of tools that require sharp,  Sustained bumping action to actuate or release them.

Jar Tester: The Logan Jar Tester is a versatile machine for setting, checking, or testing pull loads of a variety of tools with outer diameters up to 11 inches. The Jar Tester is capable of exerting tension or compression loads in a controlled manner.

Bi-Directional Coiled Tubing Jars & Energizers. The Logan Bi-Directional Coiled Tubing Jar is designed to hit upward and downward blows. It can be dressed to only hit up or down. These tools’ small outside diameters and shorter lengths make them ideal for milling, drilling, workover, remedial, or completion operations, especially in vertical, deviated, and ultradeep wellbores.  The double-acting, Logan Bi-Directional Coiled Tubing Energizer is an impact enhancement tool designed for slim holes (generally a well bore less than 6 inches in diameter). Its function is to supply intensified impact during the jarring operation by providing or enhancing jar impact from energy stored within its oil-filled compression chambers. It also functions as a shock absorber that prevents impact damage to the tool string at the bottom of the coil, which is often referred to as the bottom hole assembly or BHA

Standard External Cutters: The Logan Standard External Cutter features automatic spring-fed knives that prevent excessive strain from being applied from the rig floor that could cause the knives to burn or break before the cut is completed.

Hydraulic External Cutters: Logan Hydraulic External Cutters are quick, smooth operating tools that allow for fast cutting and recovery of tubing or drill pipe. A hydraulic piston, fed entirely by pump pressure, forces the knives of the cutter into the pipe to give the operator sensitive cutting control.

Internal Cutters: Logan Internal Cutters are used to cut tubing, casing, and drill pipe, and may also be run on sucker rods and macaroni strings. These mechanically operated cutters permit alternate sizes of pipe to be cut when redressing an assembly. All Logan Cutters feature a device that permits the operator to set the cutter to any depth, release the tool, and reset it to another depth without coming out of the hole. Each cutter is designed to cut a given range of tubing when dressed with correctly sized components.

Internal Pressure Pipe Cutters: The Logan Internal Pressure Pipe Cutter utilizes pump pressure to actuate three (3) carbide-coated knives to cut single and multiple strings of pipe from 4 inches O.D. to 36 inches O.D. Each size cutter can be dressed with knives of various lengths to cut different sizes of pipe. Pump pressure is preset by a simple adjustment to extend the knives at the exact desired diameter. Restricted flow across an orifice feeds a piston that forces the knives out. When the knives reach the preset diameter, the operator will see a sudden pressure drop that indicates the pipe has been severed.

Casing Rollers: The Logan Casing Roller repairs and restores dented, collapsed, or buckled tubing or casing of any size and weight to its original inside diameter and roundness. The Logan Casing Roller enters the smaller inside diameter of the damaged tubing or casing. As it is rotated and forced downward, it exerts lateral pressure to restore the tubing or casing to its normal inside diameter.

Type A Packer Type Tubing & Casing Patches: The Logan Type A Packer Type Tubing
Patch & A Packer Type Casing Patch is used to repair a section of damaged tubing without having to remove the entire string from the hole to replace it. This external catch tool is designed to engage a previously prepared fish, pack it off, and become a permanent part of the tubing string. Positive engagement and seal-off in either direction provides a permanent, rigid connection that will remain leak proof for years, yet is easily removable if the need arises.

Casing Scrapers: Obstruction-free casing is critical for the efficient operation of many downhole tools during drilling, fishing, completion, or wireline jobs. The Logan Casing Scraper removes rust, scale, cement, mud, bullets, paraffin, perforation burrs and other obstructions or foreign material from the inside walls of casing. Logan Casing Scrapers are available to condition pipe ranging from 4-1/2 to 13-3/8 inches O.D.

85-Ton Power Swivels: The newly engineered, hydraulic motor-driven, Logan 85-Ton Power Swivel provides smooth, shock-free torque. It is rated to support tensile pipe loads of 85 tons at zero rpm and 45 tons of dynamic load at 100 rpm. The compact, swivel-head design weighs only 1,163 lbs and fits into most drilling or workover masts.

85-Ton Open Loop Power Swivels:  The newly engineered, hydraulic motor driven, Logan 85-Ton Open Loop Power Swivel provides smooth, shock-free torque. It is rated to support tensile pipe loads of 85 tons at zero rpm and 45 tons of dynamic load at 100 rpm. The compact, swivel-head design weighs only 1,163 lbs and fits into most drilling or work-over masts.

120-Ton Power Swivels. The newly engineered, hydraulic motor-driven, Logan 120-Ton Power Swivel provides smooth, shock-free torque. It is rated to support tensile pipe loads of 120 tons at zero rpm and 65 tons of dynamic load at 100 rpm. The compact, swivel-head design weighs only 2,000 lbs and fits into most drilling or workover masts. Maximum torque is rated at 8,100 ft/lbs at 150 rpm maximum.

Woodhouse International are a distributor for FMC “Chicksan" products in the Middle East area. Stocks of equipment are always available locally, and includes such items as;

  • Swivels, style 10 and style 50, H2S and standard service
  • Chiksans, 10foot, integral, H2S and standard service
  • Plug valves, 1" x 2" and 2" x 2", H2S and standard service
  • 2" Reset(emergency) relief valves, adjustable up to 15000psi, standard service
  • Packing and repair kits for all the above
  • Hammer unions, from 2" -12", all figures, H2S and standard service
  • Air o unions, 2" - 12" including tubes
  • Butterfly valves w/ handles

We are carrying a variety of different style couplings from Gummi, a broad line of pneumatic (air) clutches / brakes, various types of friction materials plus the. Gummi produces six styles of couplings, including flexible, gear and hydraulic types, six drum clutch/brake configurations in both constricting and expanding types, non- asbestos friction material for a wide variety of oil & gas applications, and various sizes and styles of rotary unions and quick release valves. In addition to genuine Gummi products, they also manufacture assemblies and replacement and component parts that are 100% interchangeable and designed to fit Eaton Airflex® style CB, VC, CM, EB, ER, units and National Oilwell® style Dy-a-flex units. The FK was the first constricting style drum clutch to be introduced to the power transmission industry also known as a Type CB element Due to its reliability and simplicity in design, the Gummi type FK element is well suited as a clutch or brake in a wide variety of high-speed, low to medium torque applications where high heat generation is not a factor. The type FK elements are available in 18 sizes, in single, dual, and split configurations. Torque Ratings up to: 1,220,000 lb-in-137.890 N-m; All Gummi products are manufactured and sold under the International Quality Standard of ISO 9001:2000 certified by SGS United Kingdom cert. No. AR08/00873. Gummi maintains ABS Design Cert. under ABS cert #06-HS119323-PDA

As stockist & distributor for Georges’ Brake we carry a large inventory of alternative parts for all types of Baylor brakes. These parts are fully interchangeable with original Baylor parts & are readily accepted as substitutes in the industry. We keep all common parts, driller’s controls, firing circuits, coils & even a complete emergency battery back up system.

We are now carrying a large inventory of Demco style butterfly valves both in lug & wafer type. All normal sizes are available in reasonable quantities from stock, 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12".

Woodhouse International work closely with Bridon International Limited, whose steel wire ropes are known throughout the world for their high quality and performance. A stock of Bridon drilling lines is available in inventory as follows:

  • 7,500Ft x 1 ?"
  • 7,500Ft x 1 3/8"
  • 7,500Ft x 1 ?""

Woodhouse International offer quotations for various manufacturers of desanders, desilters and degassers, and can supply almost every brand of desilter & desander cone. This list includes, but is not limited to, such quality manufacturers as :

  • Brandt
  • Swaco Geolograph
  • Demco
  • Sweco
  • Kem-Tron

Woodhouse International offers the complete line of API mud gate valves. We stock the “standard sizes" such as 2", 5"X4" for 5,000Psi working pressure and standard service with welded connections. Spare parts such as gates, seats, and stems are also readily available.

A full range of float valves, in both “F" and “G" type configurations are stocked in Dubai, along with both rubber and metal repair kits. Other configurations are readily available from Baker inventory in San Antonio Texas.

Woodhouse International stock shaker screens for almost all types of shale shaker, including :

  • Derrick Flo-line cleaner, Pyramid style as well as flat panel.
  • Swaco shakers
  • Harrisburg mud cleaners & shakers
  • Hutchison Hayes.
  • Brandt Dual Tandems & Linear Motion

Retsco has come out with a new product "Titan Series Reset Relief Valve" that is superior to the old type Reset Relief Valve and it is interchangeable with the previous Type C & RX series. 
Please note below some of the new features: 
1. Unlike its predecessor, the previous style "C - RX" valve which utilized an elastomeric cushion ring, the Titan Class "C - RX " Valve incorporates a pressure balance chamber (like the original RX valve) which hydraulically cushions the opening movement of the piston by throtting fluid from the balance chamber to the discharge side of the valve through specially sized piston ports; U.S. Patent 5,715,861.
2. Two types of connections, either Buttweld flanged (Hyperlink Titan Type C Buttweld connection) or Hammer Unions (Hyperlink photo Titan RX Union connection) provide excellent connection integrity.
3. There is no load bearing threaded connections exposed to the flow media (such as line pipe threads).
4. The 4 bolt inlet and discharge flanges allow for easy access to the body and internal parts.
5. The entire valve can be replaced with all adjacent piping in place.
6. The valve is 100% adjustable to provide any relief pressure setting within the particular pressure range of the valve.
7. The relieving pressure set point may be altered easily by turning a single adjusting nut; adjustment (for safety reasons, usually limited to increasing the setting only) may be made while pressure is in the valve.
8. The accuracy of the relief valve is not affected by continuous pressure surges or vibration.
9. The valve is easily reset by operating a single lever; no replacement shear pins are required and little, if any, down time is encountered in resetting the valve.

Titan Type “C" 5,000PSI and Operating & Procedure Manual
Titan Type “RX"  7,500PSI and Operating & Procedure Manual
Please let Woodhouse know if you would like us to quote this "Titan Series Reset Relief Valve"


As an agent of DRILLING TOOLS INTERNATIONAL (formerly known as Reamco Inc)- we can supply high-quality downhole equipment and accessories to include:-

— Welded blade steel stabilizers — Integral blade steel stabilizers — Welded blade non-magnetic stabilizers — Integral blade non-magnetic stabilizers — Sleeve type stabilizers

—Roller reamers —Pup joints —Integral Pup Joints

—Rotary Subs —Crossover Subs — Lift Subs —Saver Subs —Kelly Saver Subs

—Circulating Subs —Top Drive Subs —Side Entry Subs —Double Side Entry Subs

—Lift Plugs —Cast Lifting Bails —Pressed Steel Thread Protectors —Composite Heavy Duty Plastic

A significant inventory of Subs are kept in Dubai to service the Drilling Industry in the Middle East market.

As an agent of South Coast Products (SOCO), we can supply technically proficient, valve lubricants, sealants, packing, drilling compound, tubing and casing thread compounds, Lubrication equipment’s, fittings and parts, Check Seal Online Leak Repair Products demanded by the Oil & Gas, Transportation, Refining and Petrochemical Industries.


Woodhouse International keep inventory of NRP JONES rotary hoses in our facilities in Dubai.  Normal stock of rotary hoses includes those with 4" 1002 integral unions, 5000psi WP, 10000psi TP, to API Grade D, available in sizes 3-1/2" X 65 Ft, and 3-1/2" X 75 Ft.

Land-Drilling Systems, Marine Drilling Systems (AC and DC Drive Systems and Customs Control Systems)

OMRON Oilfield & Marine is a leading provider of AC and DC drive systems and custom control systems for oil and gas and related industries. Integration of the latest AC drive technology with cutting edge PLC technology provides the backbone for Omron Land Drilling Systems. Omron marine drilling systems are ideal for demanding offshore applications. Omron Oilfield & Marine provides power distribution equipment and controls for the latest generation AC rigs, as well as for conventional SCR rigs. Omron Oilfield & Marine partners with premier drawworks provider ALTA Rig Systems to deliver automated control systems for their electric drawworks product line.

A significant inventory is kept in Dubai to service the Middle East market.


Since 1982, OFI Testing Equipment has provided testing instruments and reagents for the drilling fluids, cementing, and wastewater industries. As an independent manufacturer, OFITE has just one sales priority, our customers. We can prove this by offering the quickest response times for new orders, the most extensive repair services, and custom-designed equipment. Worldwide supplier of testing equipment, engineering services, lab housing, reagents, supplies, and repair. OFITE offers a wide variety of products for use in field and lab testing drilling fluids. From multi-unit HTHP filter presses to our one-of-a-kind Dynamic Linear Swell Meter, our drilling fluid product line is top notch. We know when laboratory data is requested that it is frequently urgent and in many cases was needed "yesterday". When designing our laboratory equipment the "urgent factor" is taken into consideration. You can depend on our laboratory instruments to generate the information you need when you need it. OFITE is very active in the American Petroleum Institute. Our products are routinely used in determining the testing procedures that we all use in analyzing drilling fluids and cement. We are currently active members in the work and task groups for Sub Committee 13 and Spec 10.

A significant inventory is kept in Dubai to service the Middle East market.


Recently we have introduced, "ROUGHNECK BRAKE BLOCKS", Roughneck Brake Blocks are spark proof woven blocks for the world wide drilling industry, as we will provide brake block sets and corresponding hardware for all major name brand drawworks working in the drilling and well servicing industries.


As an agent of Diamond Chain we can supply Standard Chains, Heavy Series, Non-Standard Series, Double Pitch Power Transmission, Double Pitch Power Conveyer, Standard Attachment Roller Chain, Multiple Strand Chain, High Strength Lift Chain, Oilfield Chain, Special Lubricated Chain, Special Application Chain, and Specialty Made-to-Order Chain.

The Diamond series Roller Chains is the flagship offering from the Diamond Chain Company. With both industry leading wear life and 10-year product warranty, the Diamond series has the lowest total cost of ownership for the entire roller chain industry.

A significant inventory of Roller Chains are always available from our Dubai stock.


Woodhouse International maintains stock and offers a range of Mud Buckets and Spares made to fit from 2-3/8” to 5-1/2” Drill Pipe Sizes.


As stockiest and distributor for Klampon, we stock and sell whole range of Klampon Casing Thread Protectors.


As stockiest and distributor for Supreme Manufacturing, we stock and sell whole range of Cameron Type “F” Urethane Test Cups & Mandrel Assemblies.


Woodhouse International keep inventory of Pipe Wipers in our “cold room” facilities in Dubai. Normal stock of Spilt Dual & Flat & Pipe Wipers includes those 17” and 19” OD for Drill Pipe Size 3-1/2” 4”, 4-1/2”, 5” and 5-1/2”.


A significant inventory of IADC report books are always available from our Dubai stock


Woodhouse International keep inventory of extensive range of Thread Protectors for API Drill Pipes , Drill Collars Connections, Casings , Line Pipes & Tubings.