Our strength has always been through a strict focus on drilling equipment only. Whilst for specific projects we can offer all-encompassing contractual agreements, we remain very specialized.

Management & staff at Woodhouse International offer technical assistance in respect of most major & minor drilling equipment purchases. This is done based on the combined 150 years rig materials experience available in house. This covers:

  • Tubular goods, drillpipe, HWDP, & down hole tools.
  • Rigs & Capital equipment , (Drawworks, Mud Pumps rotary
    tables, top drives etc)
  • Handling Tools
  • Fishing Tools
  • Pressure Control equipment, BOPs, Closing Units, and Test
  • SCR Systems & VFD.
  • Fluid End expendables.
  • High Pressure Down hole & Surface Valves.
  • Clutches
  • Mud Labs & Spares
  • High Pressure Iron
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Top Drive Service Loops
  • Electric Motors & more

Fluid End Expendables for Mud Slush Pumps may appear to be a simple purchased commodity based on price. But we feel it goes much further than that. Thus we can recommend consignment programmes to reduce your ‘capital tied up in inventory’ & assist in avoiding costly last minute purchases.

Over the last thirty years we have become extremely specialized in assisting clients with High Temperature/ High Pressure applications associated with complex drilling muds that regular parts will under perform or fail in.

For BOP closing units & in conjunction with our three resident CAD engineers, we are already carrying out complex upgrades for older generation systems, bottle replacement programmes, industry required recertification’s & repairs.

These are just some examples of our abilities in being able to offer more than just off the shelf equipment.