Fluid End Expendables

Woodhouse International remains one of the region’s leading fluid end parts suppliers. A position we have held since the mideighties. Many brand names have been lost through acquisition & mergers over the years; Harrisburg, Wooley, Halco, Baker to name but a few.

Woodhouse International introduced to the Middle East the South West style high pressure quick change valve cover & HP fluid end assembly. We equally introduced the bonded piston & the Roughneck style full open valve & seat.

In addition we conducted the first trials of the Alumina ceramic liners, & subsequent Zirconia type that replaced these.

Woodhouse now offers its own in House Liner. The company in question, has been engaged in the R&D, and manufacture of mud pump liners since 1987. Strict quality control ensures ISO9001 certification, and the right to use API Spec 7K monogram in their manufacturing process. The same company supplies most major ”OEM’s” & thus we have total confidence in promoting these liners which we now hold in our facility at Jebel Ali.

Whatever your operational needs may be, we can supply: Zirconia ceramic liners, HT/HP bonded urethane pistons, full open (Roughneck type) or cross brace style valves & seats, Piston Rods, self-aligning/lubrication rods, F.E modules & more. The Patriot bonded piston is considered the best performing high pressure high temperature piston available today. These are available with us in all regular size configurations.

Woodhouse International is recognized as being one of the few specialist companies in this area. We started the first consignment programmes in the 1980’s & have remained a market leader in this field since then. WI has a number of consignment inventory packages currently running in the region in Kuwait, Saudi, Oman, and UAE.

A large inventory of parts is of course available at our Jebel Ali Free Zone facility (Dubai) covering all major pump types.

    • National 14P220,12P160, 10P130, 9P100, 8P80
    • Emsco FB1600, F1600, F1000.
    • Gardner Denver: PZ10/11, PZ9 & PZ8.
    • Oilwell A1400 & A1700PT
    • Ideco T1000, & T1600.