Oilfield Equipment Supply

Our strength has always been through a strict focus on drilling equipment only. Whilst for specific projects we can offer allencompassing contractual agreements, we remain very specialized.

Management & staff at Woodhouse International offer technical assistance in respect of most major & minor drilling equipment purchases. This is done based on the combined 150 years rig materials experience available in house. This covers:

  • Tubular goods, drillpipe, HWDP, & down hole tools.
  • Rigs & Capital equipment, (Drawworks, Mud Pumps rotary tables, top drives etc)
  • Handling Tools
  • Fishing Tools
  • Pressure Control equipment, BOPs, Closing Units, and Test Units.
  • Fluid End expendables.
  • High Pressure Down hole & Surface Valves.
  • Clutches
  • Mud Labs & Spares
  • High Pressure Iron
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Top Drive Service Loops
  • Electric Motors & more

This expertise is offered in house either directly from WI employees, through the manufacturer’s engineers stationed at our facility, or directly from their head office in close cooperation with us.

As one of the worlds leading drillpipe distributors, we can advise on selecting different Grades, connections, weights & sizes, as well as being able to offer from existing inventory. In cooperation with Drilling Tools International & our brand new CNC lathe, we anticipate being able to offer tubular goods manufactured in house.

Fluid End Expendables for Mud Slush Pumps may appear to be a simple purchased commodity based on price. But we feel it goes much further than that. Thus we can recommend consignment programmes to reduce your ‘capital tied up in inventory’ & assist in avoiding costly last minute purchases.

Over the last thirty years we have become extremely specialized in assisting clients with High Temperature / High Pressure applications associated with complex drilling muds that regular parts will under perform or fail in.

For BOP closing units & in conjunction with our three resident CAD engineers, we are already carrying out complex upgrades for older generation systems, bottle replacement programmes, industry required recertification’s & repairs.

These are just some examples of our abilities in being able to offer more than just off the shelf equipment.